Hornell Cinemas 1-2-3

191 Main St

Hornell, NY  14843


We are CASH only! We DON'T DO Advance Sales or MIDNIGHT Shows!

Prices: Adults $9.00

Children under 13, Senior Citizens (62+) ,and College Students with valid ID: $7.00

Week Ending 

So Long

And Thanks

For All The Fish


Coming This Fri:   nothing

Upcoming features:   none

World According To Chris:  Topic Today: Good Bye.  Another Hornell Institution comes to an end, not with a bang, but with a quiet whimper.  Over the last two years your Hornell Cinemas achieved record low attendance month after month after month.  The more you stopped coming, the more difficult it got to book movies as the studios were not willing to open their films to near certain failure.  Not complaining, merely pointing out a fact.  So Sunday November 17th will mark the final day to watch a movie in a theatre in Hornell.  Seems incredibly unlikely to me you will ever have a theatre again.  Or much anything else for that matter.  You will watch more and more businesses continue to fold and you will utter "What a shame" as you drive to Rochester or Elmira to make your purchases.  Eventually you will even give up on that method, choosing to mail order everything but food.  Can't really blame you, the whole country will go this route given time.  Reap what you sow.  But know this:  You are not a City and should not be taxed as such.  Hornell Partners For Growth has grown nothing but flowers.  And more than 40 Hornell Businesses are currently for sale.  So how are we really doing?

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